Are you looking for some awesome energetic fun in Houston?  Krowd Kombat is the place for you!

12,000 sq ft Urban Warfare Arena

The 12,000 ft warehouse looks like a movie set….an urban war zone.  And in it you will use realistic weapons to complete missions against your opponents.  Since it was designed from the concept of military and police training, you will be surprised not only on its realistic physical setup but on the sound and lighting effects as well. Sound exciting? It is!

Non Stop Excitement

The guns use lasers to score hits and record kills.  But this isn’t any ordinary laser tag.  Krowd Kombat guns have authentic sound and recoil…similar to the MILES gear used by the military.  In fact the technology used at Krowd Kombat… the iCOMBAT SMG laser rifle… was originally developed for SWAT and military MOUT training ( Military Operations on Urban Terrain)

Realistic Missions

Krowd Kombat has many realistic and exhilarating missions for you to complete.  This isn’t little kids running around with laser ray guns.  This is as close as you can come to real combat without risking your life.

Do you have what it takes to complete the mission?  Are you fast enough?  Smart enough?  Can you communicate and work together as a team?

There are different missions to complete and your team needs to cooperate and exchange strategies throughout the game. You will use a realistic designed weapon, gears, and other gaming accessories that added excitement to the game.

Before the game starts, prepare to gear up in Krowd Kombat’s tactical locker room. After gearing up, there is a designated spawn place for your team. From there, you can choose your first mission to complete. Further instruction will be given once you started your chosen mission. There is a record of your hit ratio, accuracy, and rank to show your combat style and statistics. In this way you will know how good you are and in what area you are good at.

Below are some of the missions that you can expect to encounter.  And Krowd Kombat constantly creates new missions, so you never know quite what to expect on your visit.

Black Hawk Down

In the Black Hawk Down scenario Rangers have been shot down over a major Middle Eastern city.  They are surrounded and pinned down in a local market place. The enemy is moving in for the kill.  Team Rangers start out in the market place with 150 ammo, 5 health, and no respawn. The opposing team (Tangos) start in the poor district of the realistic town setting in the arena.  The Tangos must eliminate all of The Rangers within 5 minutes. They have 1 health and unlimited respawn, at any station. If any Ranger survives for the full 5 minutes, the Rangers win. The tangos win if every Ranger is eliminated within 5 minutes.  Game on!


Have you ever wondered about night-time game play? This mission is the right choice! The Elimination is an eight (8) minute mission that is best played during night time to fully simulate the lighting effects. The players are only allowed to get two (2) health and one (1) respawn in this mission. As simple as eliminating the opposing team is your way to win the mission. However, it is considered as a tie if any members left on both teams.

Team Death Match

Of course, every game has its own basic game format for beginners. In Team Death Match mission, the team members will have a head-to-head combat battle to know who eliminates more. Two lives are allotted to each member and they should plan for tactical moves in order to cover each other during the mission so they wont get caught by the opposing team. At the end of the game, the team with most eliminations wins the mission.


Are you a dominant-type player and eager for more challenging yet fun game? This mission is for you! The players are called as Dominators who aim to claim the area of the opposing team. This is a five (5) minute mission game in the battlefield and each player has two (2) health and unlimited respawn. The players need to shoot the Dominators at their center body in order to make them allies. The team with most highest number of points win the game.


The players need to find Dominators tubes that are spread all over the battlefield and own team’s base. They need to shoot a Dominator and return to their base. Also, they need to shoot their own Dominator in order to get a score. A player needs to respawn whenever he got shot while carrying a score because his score will disappear.

The Borg

There are two team categories in this mission: The Borg team and the Human team. The Borgs invaded the game field and the human team must fight and survive until the end of the game. The Human team are trapped in the marketplace area and they have to eliminate the Borg team that are spread throughout the area. This a five (5) minute mission game and the team must eliminate all the members of the opposing team in order to win. The Borg team has a total of 200 health but no respawn while the Human team has 1 health but unlimited respawn for each of their player.


The Thug team took over the neighborhood and the S.W.A.T team needs to clear them out of the area. The Thug team are hiding out all over the place and need to survive throughout the five (5) minute mission game for them to win. However, the S.W.A.T team will do their job to eliminate all the thugs in the area. The Thug team has four (4) lives but no respawn while the S.W.A.T team has two (2) lives and two (2) respawns.


The two teams will start on a designated starting zones. One of the teams has a juggernaut player who will set up a defense area in the market upstairs together with his bodyguard. The team who has a juggernaut player must protect the juggernaut until the mission game ends. While the other team must eliminate the juggernaut team to win the game. The juggernaut has 150 ammo, 10 health, and no respawn while other players has 2 health and unlimited respawns.

Great For Rainy Days

It rains in Houston….a lot!  Are you tired of only doing sedentary things on rainy days?  I mean how many movies can you really watch?

Well Krowd Kombat gives you the opportunity to do something exciting and energetic even when it’s pouring outside.

So load up the car and get ready for fun.  Head down to Krowd Kombat and find your inner warrior!

Krowd Kombat is designed for 13 years old and above gamers. However, children aged 8-12 yrs old are allowed for a certain special game hours. You may contact +1 346-257-4188 for more inquiries and updates.

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Special Hours for Children below 13 years old