The beautiful and dense Eagle Creek Park houses this Go Ape obstacle park, which commands physical participation and problem solving from everyone who tackles it. Family members 10 years old and up can enter the 2,395 feet-long Go Ape canopy-obstacle course and enjoy a uniquely challenging and physical experience of swinging, leaping, and zipping through the trees.

Prices are comparable to theme park admission, but the difference is that admission to Go Ape allows access to a full 2 or 3 hours of exploration and physical activity in their suspended “treetop adventure course.” ┬áThe process includes a thirty minute orientation session on site, and then you go out and spread your wings (while harnessed, of course) in the various obstacles that are scattered throughout the course.

The hours vary by day of the week and season so make your admission reservation by phone or online in advance. Paid parking ($5) is available.