Koreana Restaurant is a tiny joint that’s located within a non-picturequse strip mall in the Wilshire area of San Antonio. To put it kindly, this place doesn’t look like much, and certainly doesn’t have the ambiance of somewhere special. But, don’t let the appearance influence your expectations–this is one of the best Korean places in San Antonio, hands down. If you want to eat something traditionally Korean at a great price, you’ve got to come here.

Recommended Favorite Dishes

It’s always hard knowing what to order the first time you go to a new restaurant. At Koreana, though, there’s a whole bunch of favorite dishes that people are crazy about. The beef bulgogi is perhaps the most popular, and everyone who’s tried it loves it. The jap chae is another menu item that receives a lot of acclaim, and is definitely worth ordering. The boneless gabi is great for those who love meat, as this piece is served flavorful, juicy, and sizzling as it arrives at your table. You can also grab a bento box for lunch if you feel like it, which is great as it has the bulgogi, plus short grain rice and dumplings.

Why Koreana is So Popular

Koreana is mostly famous for the fact that the food is so authentic, authentic enough that those who are Korean or have been to Korean claim that any difference is preparation and cooking style isn’t noticeable. Another reason that people love it here is because it’s cheap–lunch specials are under $10, and dinner items are typically under $15. People also love it because of all the little side dishes/extras that you get with your meal. Some places can be a little stingy with the extras, but not here!

To Wash Down Your Food

A beverage to accompany your meal is often a huge part of the experience when eating out. At Koreana, you’ll find some great drinks to choose from that will lend themselves to the overall authenticity of your experience. For example, try the cinnamon tea, the ginseng rice tea, the Korean rice wine, or one of the many selections of sake, wine, or beer. Beware, though, the drinks aren’t nearly as well priced as the food– a glass of rice wine is $14!

Things to Improve Upon

There are a few minor things about this restaurant that patrons would love to see improved upon, but really, they are quite minor. For example, the service can be a little bit slow, and you’re probably going to have to wait a bit to get your meal served to you. This is especially true during lunch hour. And second, there’s not a lot of room to sit. While this is fairly unchangeable–the size of the restaurant is set–faster service during the lunch rush could help to speed things along. Other than that though, this place is perfect. So, if you’re okay waiting for a table and you want great Korean food, by all means, come here!