Despite being a classy lounge, people sometimes will describe 1919  as a “Speakeasy”. It’s the decor and atmosphere, feeling like the illegal drinking joints of the Prohibition Era, but with all the modern class of a lounge.  1919 has a huge selection of  of alcohol (just about every type possible) and the bartenders specialize in classic, old fashioned drinks. It’s like stepping into a time machine and coming out during the days of Dillinger and Capone.

The best thing about 1919, for sure, is their bartenders. They are what make 1919 something special!  They are so knowledgeable and creative with drinks, you’d swear each one has been doing this for their whole life.  If you cannot decide what drink you want to drink, then just tell the bartenders what you feel like drinking. They’ll make up a cocktail on the spot – just for you!  Don’t be surprised if that makes others around you ask for the same thing. New drinks catch on fast there!
1919 starts to get crowded after 9:00pm, so if you want a good seat at the bar, then go early.  You want to sit there, because all the action going on behind the bar is half the reason for going!