Biga on the Banks has become one of the most popular restaurant in San Antonio, drawing flattering reviews and lots of acclaim from foodie critics and dinner-goers alike. Featuring new American style food that impresses as much as it shocks, Biga is a must try if you consider yourself a food fanatic or a cuisine connoisseur.

Highlights of the Menu

The menu changes regularly depending on what’s in season and the personal musing of chef Bruce Auden. Regardless of how often the menu changes, everything is amazing, and there are some highlights that you’ll find pretty regularly that you should definitely look for. These include the gulf crab stuffed American snapper, the grilled 10 oz. beef tenderloin, the chicken fried oysters (with squid ink linguini, swiss chard, pancetta, and mustard hollandaise), the seared Hudson valley foie gras, and the blackberry buttermilk panna cotta for dessert. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

What is Table 31?

When the restaurant refers in hushed tones to table 31, they really are talking about something as mysterious and wonderful as it sounds. Table 31 is a table in the restaurant that’s tucked away behind the curtains, offering a very private–not the mention picturesque–area of the restaurant where you can entertain guests or enjoy a romantic meal for two. Here, you’ll be treated to a five to eight course tasting menu, where you might experience some amazing creations such as the Boudin-stuffed quail with pears and zucchini cake, the lobster ravioli on arugula, the veal and beef medallions with marigold béarnaise and truffle fries, the Szechuan pepper cured salmon, or the pavlova with mascarpone and orange muscat fruit for dessert. Table 31 truly offers a unique dining experience, and is reserved for special events or big occasions.

The Most Amazing Main Courses

Outside of the tasting menus, there are some great entree items that can be found on the standard dinner menu. Try the Hunan bbq maui maui; the quinoa, corn, and poblano stuffed tomato; the dry 35-day aged 10 oz. New York strip; and the grilled ahi tuna. For sides, try the truffled cheesy grits, the corn pudding, the baked cauliflower with cheese, or the charred and roasted Brussels sprouts.

The Dining Experience

This is a fairly upscale restaurant, and the atmosphere definitely lends itself to a feeling of sophistication. Prices are high, wine is fancy, and the views of the river are great. It’s very romantic, and the outdoor seating area is beautiful. While there’s no dress code specified, most people will be wearing dressy clothes. The same thing goes for children–while they’re not expressly forbidden, you won’t see many here. The service is fantastic, the preparation of the food is precise, and the overall experience is one you’ll remember. This is also the type of restaurant where you’ll want to order a drink, an appetizer, a first dish, a main course, a dessert, and a coffee–not only is the food good enough to justify it, but the atmosphere will make you want to stay and sit awhile.  And needless to say, make a reservation before going.