While Moses Rose’s Hideout is a popular destination for tourists, it’s also a favorite amongst San Antonio locals, too. For live music, a hopping bar, and some great food, check out this happening establishment on Houston Street.

Great for Game Watching

This is the perfect place to watch the big game or catch the highlights after an event. With a bunch of TVs all over the walls, you’ll find Moses Rose’s to be completely packed when it’s football season. If you have a big group of friends, or just want to sit at the bar with a beer to watch the game alone, this is a great location.

Specialty Drinks & Days

Moses Rose’s Hideout is known for its specialty drinks as well as its themed days. Monday night is poker night, Tuesday is karaoke night, Wednesday is open mic night, Thursday there’s a live DJ and beer pong, Friday and Saturday night has live music, and Sunday is the American Music Series.

In addition to the awesome days, you can order one of their awesome drinks like the Moses Mule with Texas Vodka, lime, ginger, jalapeño, and lime soda. Or, opt for the other house favorite, the Cilantro and Mint Mojito, which is an interesting twist on the original beverage.

Great Barbecue, Great Burgers

The food at Moses Rose’s is typical bar food with a fun BBQ twist. If you like burgers, you have to try the Santa Anna burger, which is a half-pound patty that’s topped with chipotle cream cheese, bacon, fried red onions, barbecue sauce, and served on a jalapeño cheddar bun. The Bowie burger is also a top choice, and comes with the patty, bacon-onion marmalade, buffalo sauce, and a pickled onion kaiser bun.

Not feeling a burger? Skip it, and opt for a plate of the brisket tacos. These perfectly prepared creations, featuring slow-roasting brisket, are amazing, and topped with pico de gallo, guacamole, and barbecue sauce. There are also a plethora of sandwiches and hotdogs to choose from, too.

The Moses Rose’s Crowd

Those who go to Moses Rose’s Hideout are those who are looking to have a good time, get a little rowdy, eat some big and filling portions, and let loose. Since this is a a restaurant and bar, you won’t find any chitlins here, and of course, no reservation is required. Those who go here love good food and barbecue, and come for the themed nights and the live music, making Fridays and Saturdays two of the most popular nights at the restaurant. While you’re welcome to go for just drinks, the restaurant is also open during the lunch hours, where diners are free to come for food alone, sans alcohol.

The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is cool and laid back, the food is good, and despite being considered a bit of a dive-bar, you’ll be totally thrilled by the overall presentation and experience here.