If you like dining in a casual and classy atmosphere, appreciate good food that’s filling and made from high quality ingredients, and have been looking for a neighborhood establishment that welcomes friends and family, look no further than Pesto Ristorante in San Antonio.

The Dinner You’ve Been Waiting For

If you’re the type of person that goes through the entire work week looking at restaurant menus during your free time and dreaming about your weekend meal, this restaurant has the dinner that you’ve been waiting for. Everything is prepared fresh, and you can taste the love that went into making the food as you eat it. With just about every hearty Italian dish you could dream of on the menu, you won’t be disappointed by the selection here.

A Create-Your-Own-Pasta Option

A favorite thing about this place is the create-your-own-pasta option on the menu. Diners can choose between spaghetti, linguini, fettuccine, or penne; add tomato sauce, meat sauce, or lemon butter garlic sauce; and then top it with grilled chicken, italian sausage, grilled vegetables, pesto grilled salmon, grilled shrimp, or Romano crusted chicken. Noodles are all prices at $7, sauce is included, and toppings range from $3.95 to $5.95.

To Die For Pizzas and Sandwiches

The pizzas and sandwiches at this Italian restaurant rival those of anywhere else in the state. Order the eggplant parmigiana sandwich for the perfect amount of melted cheese, lightly toasted bread, and heavenly eggplant. The pizza with chipotle pesto and jalapeƱos, and mozzarella is also a great choice, and people go nuts for the Italian beef panini and the basic pizza margherita.

The Dishes That Make Them Famous

The first dish that Pesto Ristorante is known for is the Shrimp Alejandra. The pasta is cooked al dente, topped with juicy fresh shrimp, and has a light and tasty sauce. The Cilantro Pesto Chicken is also a house favorite, and has spaghetti noodles that are covered in pesto and topped with perfectly-grilled chicken. For dessert, the tiramisu has received a lot of fame, but if you really love dessert, a slice of the Godiva Chocolate Torte is where it’s really at.

Whining About the Lack of Wine

The worst thing about this restaurant it its wine list, which is pretty limited. However, if you can make it through your meal without a glass of fine Italian wine, you will be more than thrilled by everything else about this place, from the service to the great food.

Not Your Traditional Restaurant

This restaurant is more bistro or deli-style than it is restaurant, as you order at the counter and have your food delivered to your table rather than ordering via waiter. You also are in charge of getting your own drinks. While this might not lend itself to a very romantic atmosphere, the setting inside is nice, and has a variety or booths and tables to choose from. A very neighborhood type place, this is great for a causal lunch or dinner in a relaxed setting.