A local dive bar with great prices, a great feel, and a great collection of people. That’s The Mix, located in downtown San Antonio.

Anyone who ever complained about having a hard time meeting others in San Antonio has never been to The Mix. Everyone there is very welcoming, even to the newest of strangers. You can easily spend the entire evening chatting on the porch with all manner of locals. Unless there is a game playing, the music plays and creates an atmosphere of being completely comfortable. The Mix’s dive bar atmosphere makes it feel like every dive bar you’ve ever missed, and yet it still maintains a sense of some individualism.

The crowd that frequents the bar clearly comes there often. They lack any and all of the pretentiousness and superiority that one may encounter in other establishments. At The Mix, everyone is happy to just mingle there together. And with a wait staff and bartenders just as friendly and knowledgeable, this little “bar around the corner” is the perfect place to end your day.