Some of the best BBQ all of San Antonio, so says the customers of The Smoke Shack. Whether you order their tender brisket, their pulled pork that falls apart on the form, or their spicy sausage, you won’t be disappointed. And with sides like spicy corn, green beans, and potato salad, your meal will always be complete.  Every thing cooked at The Smoke Shack is tender enough to melt in your mouth, and has an equal balance of sauce and smoky BBQ flavor to it. Want something truly memorable? Try their BBQ ribs?

The service is just as good as the food, making sure you are well taken care of when you dine. But if you are expecting a fancy restaurant, you’ll be  disappointed, because the place itself is literally-speaking a shack pulled by a truck.  Therefore if you go, expect to sit outside to eat.  As far as BBQ goes, this is a real gem in San Antonio.  It’s definitely a place that you should visit if you’re in the area.  You won’t be disappointed.