Do you like going to bars but hate having nothing to do while you’re there? Do you like going to bars but despise dancing?  Are you the kind of bar-goer that just wants to watch some sports? Great – the Tipsy Crow is for you! Located in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, in a spacious historic building, there are plenty of options to be found somewhere in the three levels.

It’s known for having great food and generous drink servings.  Also, the Tipsy Crow makes the experience even more interesting through things like its Drink Exchange,  where ordering drinks is analogous to purchasing stock on the public market, and “Tap that cASSk” tasting events.  There are more traditional things to do as well, like dancing (which is confined to only one level, for all you stationary types), shuffleboard and pool, and watching televised sports games.

There are even comedy shows at the Tipsy Crow, so check out the calendar to find the event that suits you. There is something going on there 7 days a week.

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