Outerlands is the kind of café where you might loose yourself in the food and special atmosphere. It’s located a few blocks from the Great Highway, on the edge of the city, and the image of magic that the name invokes matches the effects of the homey atmosphere and refined comfort food on those that eat there.

The lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch menus are filled with thoughtfully crafted dishes that warm your stomach and spirit. For brunch you will find dishes made with organic eggs, bacon, fresh made sausages, and hearty Dutch-Style Pancakes (both savory and sweet). To accompany your meal, you can order a nice warm mug of Lemon-Ginger Cider, Chemex style coffee, or tea.

Lunch at Outerlands means a choice of a variety of dishes made with fresh greens, local meats, seasonal vegetables, and fresh-baked bread. Patrons rave about the cast iron skillet cooked grilled cheese sandwich. Dinner menu items are sophisticated and include lamb, pork belly, and trout dishes.  An abundant selection of wines and beers that are selected daily are available.

Note: The restaurant is small and reservations are not accepted – try to get there closer to opening time, whether it be for lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch, if you want to avoid a wait.