Nothing beats the natural looks and cool breeze of nature! Bring your family and have a best bonding experience at San Francisco Botanical Garden which is located near the Golden Gate Park.

The San Francisco Botanical Garden houses various plants that came from different countries around the world. They grow and conserves plants of more than 8000 kinds. It has 55 acre land garden and open spaces to accommodate different varieties of plants.

It has a great view of a Mediterranean garden and cloud forest of meso-America and southeast Asia. Also, you may wander gardens of flora from different countries such as Chile, Australia, and Japan. This is such a great experience for you and your whole family – especially the kids.

Aside from huge varieties of plants, your kids would love to see egrets, birds, and ducks in their waterfowl pond. This pond has a moon-viewing garden site. If you are looking for lectures, classes, and tours about gardening and botanical illustration and photography, San Francisco Botanical Garden offers these things for you!

The famous Helen Crocker Russell Library of Holticulture is currently residing in this botanical garden. The library has 27, 00o books and 450 periodicals that cover all aspects of garden designing, botanical arts, pest management and control, and other children-related botanical topics.

San Francisco Botanical Garden was initially planned by William Hammond Hall and then later on it was identified that planting trees suits the place too. Over the years, they collect funds for the development of the garden and rehabilitation of some of its areas. And 1940 they successfully open the garden to the public.