If you love hearty German food and satisfying German beer, a bar in Houston that offers both in a relaxed and casual atmosphere is the place for you. While the menu isn’t long, you will find some traditional German favorites that have been given a “bar food” twist, and you won’t disappointed by the number of beer options available. For “old world fun” in “new world style,” as the restaurant so fittingly boasts, head to Bar Munich on Louisiana Street the next time you’re looking for a fun place to kick back and relax.

The Beer List

As a proper German bar should, this bar has a lengthy list of beers (both German and otherwise) to keep you satisfied throughout the night. Try a crisp and light beer like the koneg pilsner on a hot day, or opt for a glass of the hofbrau dunkel on a chilly Houston night. If neither sound good or you’d prefer to stick to Stella, don’t worry, they have that too.

The Food Menu

As we said before, there aren’t a lot of food options to choose from here, but what they do have is pretty topnotch. Try the bratwurst basket, the bratwurst sample, the bratwurst nachos, a Bavarian soft pretzel, pizza rolls, corndogs, cheese sticks, jalapeno poppers, or chips and salsa. If you go for a bratwurst, know that they’re all preservative, filler, hormone, and antibiotic-free, making for one more reason why this place a favorite.

Special Deals

Like any good bar, the restaurant offers specials on different days of the week that incentivize visiting on that particular night. Wednesdays are very popular at Bar Munich, when pints of German beer are only $3 until 8:00 PM. Friday is also a favorite, when hofbrau liters are only $8. If you have an appetite, visit the bar on Mondays, when a bratwurst combo plate is offered for only $10 until 10:00 PM. There’s a special every day of the week, including Sunday.

Good for Games

Whether you’re watching of playing, Bar Munich is a great place for games. When soccer’s on, the bar will be packed with those who love the game, and if soccer’s not your thing, you can play board games ranging from Battleship to Das Boot. The outside tables also have giant Jenga pieces, which is a fun way to pass the evening with friends or a date.

Parking, Prices, and Pooches

The three downsides to this bar are the parking, the prices, and that fact that pooches are a no-no here. Since the bar shares its lot with another establishment, parking is usually limited. If you plan on drinking, you might as well just take a cab anyway, though. As for prices, they’re not outrageous but they are a little steep. However, the beer is really high quality and no one has complaints about it. Finally, while they have an awesome patio that you should certainly check out, keep in mind that it’s not dog friendly, so make sure you leave Fido at home.