One of the first Pho places in Houston, if not the first, Pho Binh is a traditional restaurant that serves some of the best food around.

What is Pho?

Pho is a type of Vietnamese soup that is a traditional dish in Vietnam. Usually made from spices, vegetables, beef stock, noodles, and meat, this yummy cultural staple is a must-try if you haven’t already sampled some. For one of the best pho places in Houston, Pho Binh Trailer on Beamer road is worth visiting.

Appearances Aside 

This pho establishment, as its name suggest, operates out of trailer. The trailer is tiny, and doesn’t look as though it’d be packed with some of the freshest ingredients for pho making that you’ve ever tasted. Point of the story: don’t judge a book by its cover. Despite the rather shabby appearance of Pho Binh, the soup is always hot and delicious.

Go Early to Beat the Crowd

The downside to operating out of a trailer is that it doesn’t store a large amount of ingredients like a restaurant does, and once they’re out of ingredients, they’re out of ingredients. Period. With that in mind, make sure to go early if you want something to eat, because the line gets long and the area gets packed with people.

A Breakfast Place

I forgot to mention this in my description of pho above, but pho isn’t just a lunch or dinner meal; rather, it’s a traditional Vietnamese breakfast, and it’s often on Saturday mornings that you will find the line way longer than you expected outside of this trailer. It may sound completely out of the ordinary and untraditional, but having hearty noodle and beef soup for breakfast is actually pretty great.

Spicy Pho

The pho at this little trailer is pretty spicy, so if your spice tolerance is low, make sure you pick out the jalapenos that come in the soup. Otherwise, plan on your mouth being uncomfortably hot.

An Extra Something

More and more people are finding out about this, which means that the Pho Binh Trailer is running out of it more quickly, but… if they have it, make sure you ask for a side of the skimmed fat with scallions. It’s absolutely delicious, and if you pour it into the soup, it will thicken it up a bit, making it even more delectable.

For authentic Vietnamese food that is satisfying, healthy, and more than worth the drive, the Pho Binh Trailer will probably turn you into a regular. The restaurant also has some newer locations that offer seating and more meal options, although visiting the trailer is a neat experience. Oh, and one more thing: this trailer is cash only, so make sure you come prepared with dollars rather than your credit card.