Racing Humans is a 5K obstacle course mud run that will test your strength and spirit. Military style obstacles and the muddiest and craziest course on the planet. Adults will navigate the 5K course, while kids ages 7-14 have their own 1 mile course to get down and dirty on. The most amazing, crazy, fun-filled Mud Run ever! You don’t have to be the fittest, the toughest or the most extreme mud runner, but you must be Human and you must love fun! Our Racing Humans mud run for the competition, for the laughs, for the craziness and for that great family fun experience! This great mud run obstacle course is designed to maximize fun, mud, sweat, and to challenge the Human spirit. More than just another marathon, Racing Humans mud run presents the most incredible outdoor festival, with amazing live music, cold beverages, great activities for ANY age, and wildly muddy Humans. Compete against, mingle with, and become one of the best racing Humans. Run with us.

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