The fact that Ristorante Cavour is located inside the Hotel Granduca in Houston Uptown should provide some clue as to what the quality of food is like. Elegance is the name of the game at this posh restaurant, and the very formal atmosphere is perfect for afternoon tea, a sophisticated brunch or business lunch, or a spendy and fancy anniversary dinner or other celebratory event.

Starting Backwards

Rather than beginning with the appetizers and entrée items that may delight your palate at Ristorante Cavour, the desserts are so good that it felt only natural that they should be mentioned first. Ordering dessert is really a must-do at this restaurant, and the dessert sampler, which includes crème brulee, chocolate mousse, strawberry tart, and Italian gelato is quite divine.

Moving Forward

To begin your meal, go for the soup of the day, because all of the soups are delicious and the perfect beginning to the meal. You might also considering trying the gran piatto del granduca, or half dozen sea oysters, gulf shrimp, king crab leg, and blue prawn ceviche for two, which is almost (almost) worth the $45 it will cost you.

Caught in the Middle

Great Italian food is sure to feature some fabulous pasta, and if you’re craving some warm and satisfying carbs, the pasta dishes go highly recommended at Ristorante Cavour. The spaghetti with lump blue crab, oregano, chili, and lemon may be the most heavenly dish you’ll ever eat, although the tagliatelle with zucchini ribbons is also quite delicious. If you’d prefer to stay away from the pasta, the Tuscan style grilled veal chop with kale, $46, is mouthwatering, and goes perfectly with a glass of red wine. However, if you just can’t decide on what to get, choose the Chef’s Tasting Menu. For $79, you’ll get a soup, the tagliatelle, your choice of one of two entrees, and the tiramisu for dessert.

Fitting In

The décor of the hotel and restaurant are both gorgeous and very elaborate. The wait staff is incredibly formal and will refer to you by “mister” or “miss” throughout the entirely of your meal. There are no children in sight. Many people are in suits and ties. As such, make sure you fit into this refined ambiance by dressing up for your dinner out. Jeans area no-no, and jackets for men are required. If you have children, make sure you leave them at home for this meal.

Choose Your Time

This restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea. After you choose the time that you’d like to dine, make sure you call and make a reservation. While they may seat you if there are open tables, the restaurant will appreciate the heads up that you give them by calling in advance. Also, if you’d like to sit outdoors, request to do so while making the reservation.