If you’ve been looking for an awesome way to spend an evening or afternoon that includes fun and adrenaline, look no further than Speedy’s Fast Track. The company features mini golf, laser tag, go karts, an arcade, and more, making it the perfect location for everything ranging from a kid’s birthday party to a first date.

Go Get on a Go Kart

If you love the rush that comes with being behind the wheel, you’re going to love the go kart experience at this fast track. For a basic go kart ride, you can ride for 5 minutes for only $5.00. But, they also have super go karts ($7 for 5 minutes), formula one go karts ($10 for 5 minutes) ,and two seat super carts ($7 for 5 minutes).

Practice Your Golf Skills

Your mini golf skills, that is. If you love mini golf, the fun 18-hole mini golf course will provide you with lots of entertainment. With an average par ranging from 2-4, this mini golf course is fine for young kids, but suitable for adults as well. Plus, the prices are fantastic! For all 18 holes, the cost is only $5!

Take Aim in Laser Tag

Playing laser tag is a favorite pastime of many, and for good reason. This adrenaline-pumping activity is a great way to blow off some steam, burn some calories, and have a good time. The laser tag arena at Speedy’s Fast Track is a full 2,525 square feet, and has two stories and a ramp. Each round of laser tag is 15 minutes long, with 7 minutes reserved for actual game time (the rest of the time is spent briefing and debriefing). The cost per person is $7.

Speedy’s Famous Arcade

Equally as popular as the go karts and laser tag at Speedy’s Fast Track is their arcade, which features some awesome games and hours’ worth of entertainment. The arcade has both a large selection of machines, as well as pool tables for those who enjoy more grown-up games.

Great Place for Parties and Corporate Events

This is a very popular location for kids’ birthday parties, and party packs can be purchases which provide access to all activities–go karts, arcade, mini golf, and laser tag–for a group rate. Depending upon the party pack purchases, you can even obtain unlimited access to all of the above, as well as tokens for the arcade machines.

And, who said that speedways and arcades for just for kids? Book a corporate event here, and you’ll be surprised by how much fun everyone in your office will have. After all, even adults need to let loose once in awhile. Better yet, try Speedy’s Fast Track for a first date to mix it up. Who knows, your date may appreciate your originality and sense of adventure.

Hungry? Eat Before or After

Unfortunately, Speedy’s doesn’t have much to offer in terms of food, not even pizza. Basically, all they have are the basic vending machine items, ranging from potato chips to candy bars, soda to Starbucks iced coffees. Oh, and some ice cream bars. Better eat before or after coming to prevent hunger from getting in the way of fun-having!