South America is a continent that hosts twelve different countries and cuisine that is unique and varied across borders. At Tango & Malbec, you’ll find menu items from the continent that are mainly inspired by Argentina and Uruguay, although you’ll also find a taste of European tradition within the dishes. For a meal that surprises your taste buds and delights your palate, Tango & Malbec offers some of the finest South American cuisine in Houston.

High End Dining

This is a four star restaurant, and its menu, ambiance, and price all reflect that. On the dinner menu, seafood entrees start around $25, pasta is up to $18, and a rib eye is $44. With that in mind, the food is absolutely wonderful, and definitely worth the cost if you can afford it. Additionally, every dish is prepared artfully, and will be place don your table with beautiful presentation—it’s almost too pretty to eat. Open for lunch, dinner, and brunch, this is a great restaurant for a nice date or a business lunch or dinner.

Tango Dancers

One of the perks of this restaurant is the live tango dancing which occurs every Saturday night. The dancers are incredibly talented, and offer a wonderful source of entertainment to the restaurant’s patrons. If you plan to dine on a Saturday, make sure you have a reservation to guarantee a table with a view.

Best Dishes

For an appetizer, try the Lamb Lolichop; the Como en el 50 for two for your main entrée or the tenderloin and flank steak; and try the Cuatro Leches for dessert. Of course, make sure you pair your meal with one of the wines from the extensive wine list offered, preferably a malbec. If you none of these menu items sound great to you, don’t worry—there are plenty of options to choose from, all of which are pretty astounding.

Leisurely Dining

Outside of the United States, other cultures tend to take dining a bit more seriously, and often allot much more time to the practice of eating that Americans do. That being said, take your time while dining at Tango & Malbec, and don’t expect the wait staff to be rushing around. If you don’t have a reservation, you’ll probably have to wait for a table; once you’re seated, you’ll probably have to wait for your order to be taken; and once your order has been place, there’s a good chance you’ll have to wait awhile before it reaches your table. Have some plantain chips or a drink and relax: the food will be worth the time it takes to reach you.

Finally, this restaurant does have outdoor seating if you enjoy a patio atmosphere, and remember that dressy attire is requested. This isn’t the place for kids, so leave them at home if you’ve got them, and keep in mind that despite the fact that there’s no valet service, there’s plenty of space in the private lot provided by the restaurant.