Mediterranean is some of the finest—not to mention the healthiest—cuisine in the world, and great Mediterranean food is hard to come by outside of Greek itself. However, if you head to Montrose near downtown Houston, you’ll stumble upon Theo’s Restaurant, which offers some of the best Greek and Greek-American dishes in the state.

Many Menu Offerings

One great thing about Theo’s is that the restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, making it a great place to go for yummy food anytime of the day. If you go for breakfast, make sure to try one of the traditional Greek choices, such as the gyro omelette with the Greek (Turkish) coffee.

Traditional Greek Dishes

When you go to Theo’s, ordering one or more of the traditional Greek dishes is a must, and we recommend starting your table off with an order of the Tzatziki, or creamy Greek yogurt that’s served with peppers, olives, and pita bread. The dolmades, or grape leaves stuffed with ground beef and rice and then topped with an egg lemon sauce, are also a favorite amongst nearly everyone who tries them. For your main dish, you have an option of soups and salads, pizzas and calzones, chicken and pork, beef and lamb, seafood, and more. Some favorite dishes include the lamb kabob platter, the gyro sandwich, the salad with feta, and all of the pizzas.

Late Night Cravings Satisfied

If you’re a person who loves to be out and about during the evening hours, you’ll love the fact that Theo’s is open late every day of the week, not closing its doors until 4:00 AM before reopening at 10:00 AM. If you’re having a late night craving, work the night shift, or just love treating yourself to a midnight pizza, Theo’s is the place to go.

Outdoor Seating Available

If you love to eat your meal outdoors and choose restaurants when the weather’s nice based on their patio availability, Theo’s will pass the test. With a patio that’s quaint and charming, Theo’s is a great place to have an afternoon lunch or a romantic date night.

Banquet and Private Rooms

If you need a venue to host a wedding reception, birthday party, or corporate dinner, Theo’s is glad to help. With multiple private rooms and a large banquet room available, you’ll have no problem feeding your group, regardless of size.

The Prices are Perfect

The prices are right on par with the quality of food you’ll get at Theo’s, and you can expect to pay $19 for a large pizza (14 inches), $24 for a rib eye steak, $10 for a gyro, and between $6 and $10 for a salad.

Kids are Welcome

If you’re looking for a family-friendly establishment that will cater to your kids, Theo’s is it. The casual atmosphere is okay for little ones, and they’ll work with you to create a yummy kid-sized dish that your kiddos will gobble up.