Some of the Best Casual Outdoor Dining & Drinking in Houston

The Creek family of restaurants are all fantastic.  Onion Creek, Cedar Creek, and Canyon Creek all offer upscale casual food, great selection of draft beers, and great outdoor seating areas with plenty of opportunities for people watching.

Canyon Creek Cafe also happens to be located within a block of Memorial Park at the end of the Washington corridor.

Home-Cooked Breakfasts

If you love a big breakfast that tastes like it came straight from your momma’s kitchen, you’re going to love the food at Canyon Creek. The breakfast plate comes with 2 eggs plus bacon or sausage, cheese grits or home fries, and toast or biscuits. If you want something more unique, try the White Oak Plate, which is three eggs scrambled with mozzarella and spinach, served with a side of toast and cup of fruit. Perhaps the best thing on this breakfast menu, though, are the Cheezy Chorizo Grits, which include your choice of biscuit or toast, and consist of cheesy grits, chorizo crumbles, and Serrano peppers. If you like more sweet things for breakfast, you’ll also find the traditional waffles and pancakes on the menu, too. Another great thing about this restaurant: breakfast is served all the way up until 2 PM, meaning you can have an omelet for lunch.

Lunch and Dinner

While the breakfast here is superb, this is also a great place for a casual lunch or dinner. The menu offers some simple but delicious options, including a bunch of different salads, some “sammiches,” hot plates, hot dogs, nachos, quesadillas, wings, burgers, and more. Go with a group and split the nachos, which you can order with black beans, fajita style, or “sloppy ass chili”; order a burger for yourself (the Billy Goat, with goat cheese grilled onion, and Dijon on a buffalo patty is divine!); and top it all off with one of the three dessert options, such as the chocolate cake.

Day Drink on the Patio

If you’re in the mood for a nice cold beer while sitting in the shade on a hot day, Canyon Creek Cafe has you covered. The patio here is perfect for all your drinking and dining needs, either in the afternoon of the evening. The patio, while small, is very quaint and well maintained. With a full bar to keep your drink full and an array of appetizers to snack on, there’s no reason not to spend a few hours with some friends kickin’ it at this place. Oh, and they have drink specials every day.

No Dogs on the Patio

More and more restaurants allow dogs on the patio these days…but not Canyon Creek.  Depending on your affinity to canines you will either love or hate this rule. If you want a similar cool vibe that you can share with your significant four-legger try The Boneyard, Grafiti, Cottonwood, or West Alabama Ice House.

A Chill Houston Hangout

This is the place where you want to go to eat a lot of food, share some laughs with good friends, and maybe have one-too-many beers. The burgers are fantastic, the fries are yummy, and the wings are some of the best. The service can be slow when they’re busy, so don’t come here if you’re in rush. Sit out on the patio, order a few appetizers to split, and take your time at this unique and chill establishment.